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Dust-collecting plants of a cyclone type

2-stepped - "ДЕКО-2ПУ"

Operating principal

         Dust-collecting plant is the device for clearing of dusty gases of the process equipment and emission of the cleared gas stream in an atmosphere.

         The dust-collecting plant consists of the following basic units (see pic.2, 3):

          - Dust collecting unit of the first stage;

          - Dust collecting unit of the second stage;

          - Dust storage hopper 3 for the trapped dust;

          - Fan 4 of the paths of the cleared gases;

          - Fan 5 for transportation of a dusty gas stream;

          - Flues 6.

            The dusty gas stream gets into the dust collecting unit of the first stage where it is divided into two streams: cleared gas and dusty stream. The gas stream with the increased concentration of a dust from dust collecting unit 1 moves into dust collecting unit 2 where the dust separates from the gas and dumped into the dust storage hopper 3. The cleared gases with the partial contents of a dust are mixed with the basic dusty stream. Thus, the dust collecting unit 1 is a step of thin clearing, and a dust collecting unit 2 - the rough clearing, working in a mode OF recycle.

            On Рic.2 and 3 there are two variants of schemes of dust-collecting plants are presented.

            On technical parameters the installation «ДЕКО-2ПУ» is an alternative to the bag-type filters.

1. Purpose: clearing of gas (air) of solid, fine-dispersed

    particles ………………………………………………………..... Рис.1, 2

2. Throughput, m3/h .............................………………………... 1-20±10%

3. Aerodynamic resistance, no more than, mm water column ..... 70.

4. The efficiency of dust collection is 95-99% and more .......….. Рис.2.

            Dust-collecting installation “ДЕКО-2ПУ” intended for purification of gas (air) flow from industrial dust.

         The plant has a low energy intensity and metal content, is characterized by maximum reliability and technical characteristics remain constant throughout the whole period of operation.

         According to available information, the existing devices “ДЕКО-2ПУ” manufactured in the USA.Information about their technical characteristics.

         In Russia (CIS) with a similar setup other firms are not produced.

         Analogues by the nature of the task are the bag filters and electrostatic precipitators.


         The cost of dust collecting systems type “ДЕКО-2ПУ” commensurate with the selling value of bag filters of any manufacturer in the one-time orders and 10-20% less - at serial or small-scale production.

The General advantages of dust collecting systems of type

"ДЕКО-2ПУ" in comparison with analogues

         1. Average operating degree of dust collection -

more than 99.5 %;

         2. The minimum size of the entrained solids with a diameter of cyclone over 1 m -

up to 0,05 mkm;

         3. Operating expenses - 

missing (analogues - up to 10 of the value per year)

         4. The stability of the technical characteristics in time -

the collection of dust is not changed for all time

         5. Aerodynamic resistance -

50-70 мм.в.ст. analogues - 150-200 мм.в.ст.е

Fractional composition of dust particles from various sources and types

of applied dust collecting devices

Dust-collecting plants of a cyclone type 2-stepped -


Dust-collecting plants of a cyclone type 2-stepped - "ДЕКО-2ПУ-5"

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